Party Wall Matters

By Terry Bartholomew

We provide both Building Owners Surveyor and Adjoining Owners Surveyor services, together with Agreed Surveyors services on a large number of Party Wall instructions, and pride ourselves on our non-adversarial approach to matters.

We have successfully performed the role on a large number of schemes over the past six years including simple domestic extensions, where the Agreed Surveyor route has often been adopted, but also extensive and detailed redevelopments across London, including basement construction/subterranean development.

We always make ourselves available to discuss matters with both the Building Owners Surveyor and the Adjoining Owners Surveyors in order that parties can make informed decisions as to their rights and liabilities arising under the Act, and try to ensure that matters are dealt with in the most efficient and economical way to minimise costs and to reduce time associated with concluding matters.