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Structural Engineering Services

Through our close association with DCL Consulting Engineers, we are also able to offer clients a truly joined-up approach to complex structural and civil engineering matters.

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Fit-Out Management Projects

We have been busy working on a significant number of Fit-Out Management projects for Clients.

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Party Wall Matters

We provide both Building Owners Surveyor and Adjoining Owners Surveyor services, together with Agreed Surveyors services on a large number of Party Wall instructions, and pride ourselves on our non-adversarial approach to matters.

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Fit-Out Management

We are frequently engaged by occupiers to provide Employers Agent, Cost Control, Project Management and Contract Administration Services for the fitting-out of new occupied business space. Often this arises as a result of our involvement with the acquisition and survey of premises or dealing with dilapidation matters etc., but equally we are frequently recommended by Contractors, Architects and Clients to provide this service to others.

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Leak or Flood?

Weather patterns are definitely changing. The reasons for this are widely debated but climate change can no longer be denied.

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Floor surface regularity in industrial buildings

To the naked eye, the flatness of such floors is rarely evident but surface irregularity and flatness are extremely important

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